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Are there healthy CBD snacks?

June 05, 2020

I recently found myself on a quest for “healthy” edibles. My partner Aly (my partner and co-founder at Cure Crate) and myself decided we were doing Whole 30 (an elimintation diet) At times it can absolutely suck. The first weeks are often spent agonizing over how much food contains one of the forbidden ingredients. Namely added sugar. Aly and I take CBD gummies every morning as part of our wellness routine. I love eating one after I shower before beginning my day. However, on our first morning of whole 30 we realized that habit had to change. While CBD has had such a positive impact on our health, frankly sugar had not. Sugar is linked to a laundry list of health concerns that we don’t often associate with the natural healing powers of CBD. I set out on a quest to find healthier edible CBD products and was pleasantly surprised with the amount of options. Whether jerky, nuts, or apple cider vinegar there is more to be found than cookies and sugar-filled gummies. Below check out our picks for the best CBD edibles for the health conscious:


Sour Strawberry “Gummy Bares” by Upside

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I know. We spent the opening paragraph telling you how gummies made me seek out healthier options. But as a vegan option with no artificial dyes and no added sweeteners these gummies are healthier than your average bear.

Roasted Almonds with Hint of Lavender by A Boring Life

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These roasted almonds from A Boring Life are an excellent source of protein while also being full of CBD. Not to mention they taste incredible. A healthy tasty snack that adds the plant healing aspect of CBD? We’ll take two. 

CBD Coconut Oil from Lazarus Naturals.

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 Coconut Oil contains healthy fatty acids, raises your healthy HDL cholesterol, and boosts brain function. It’s also been found to protect the skin, hair, and teeth. Use this CBD coconut oil in your next Stir-Fry, make CBD brownies, or add some CBD flare to breakfast with thesecoconut waffles. 

Apple Cider Vinegar by Potli

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Apple Cider Vinegar is a staple in our kitchen. It’s included in most homemade sauces we make, our go-to vinegar for pickling, and a key ingredient in daily tonics we make. This version from Potli infused with Hemp has been an incredible way to get CBD. Not sure what to do with Apple Cider Vinegar? Check out these great recipes