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As many LA stories begin, Cure Crate started with too many parties. Specifically, CBD product release parties.

We had been believers in CBD for a while (we’ve used them as athletes, for anxiety, sleeping issues while traveling, and for our pets) so it was great to see CBD brands proliferate after regulations on hemp were lifted. Our friends (and moms) were asking us about what products to get, what full-spectrum meant, and where they could buy CBD in their hometowns.

CBD is not one-size fits all.

We’re generally skeptical about anything that claims to work for many different conditions like CBD does (inflammation, pain, sleep, anxiety, depression, skin health, gut health) but the reality is that there are a wide variety of CBD products all with differing effects. We have different preferences and allergies, need different milligram doses, and want to find the products that fit our unique needs. We want everyone to be able to try products that actually work for them.

We wanted a way to try new products to satisfy our growing curiosity around CBD.
So we created Cure Crate to provide a unique wellness experience through best-in-class CBD products delivered monthly

We are proud to donate a portion of proceeds to The Last Prisoner Project.